An Overview on Micro Needling for Treatment of Common Skin Problems

Are you interested in the form of skin treatment called micro needling or derma rollers? What do you need to know about micro needling treatment and how does it work? These are good questions especially when the procedure appears scarier than it is when needles are involved.

Many skin problems such as acne scars and marks from illnesses like chicken pox are hard to erase. Numerous treatments have been developed to deal with such scars; nevertheless, none has been as successful as recently established micro needling.

The practice of dermal needling for scars and some other skin imperfections first began in early 1995. Back then, the procedure was described as a dermabrasion technique done using a tattoo machine to mitigate scar formation. The treatment achieved some degree of success although it was not until early 2006 when the technology was fully realised through a technique called collagen induction therapy.

The treatment, being simple, can be done at home with the right equipment. Anything less and you run the risk of infection and further scarring.

Devices utilised for Micro-needling.

In the treatment, the skin is pierced utilising fine needles; those needles can either be on a roller, which has wheels of needles, or pens, having a cluster of needles at the tip. The designs utilised by medical professionals may differ; it can be motorised, which enables control of the needle depth and preventing any serious injury.

How does the treatment work?

So what results can you expect before and after microneedling? The process may seem scary and might seem painful although that is not the case at all. The injury inflicted by the needles is only microscopic, but enough to promotes the growth of collagen — protein, which serves as the scaffolding under the skin.

Micro-needling ingeniously utilises deliberate injury to collagen to deal with a scar, which improves its look. The strategy is useful for erasing shallow scars such as those due to acne.  However, the treatment is deemed ineffective for broad and narrow scars.

After about four sessions, you can expect to see an improvement in acne scars. The procedure is likewise useful in smoothing wrinkles around the eyes and on upper-lip.

How much does it cost?

The costs of treatment differ from $250 to $1,000 based on the dermatologist or a medical-grade gadget. The procedure may lead to light bleeding. A patient’s face might look pink and puffy after the treatment. It is suggested to clients to put ice on the treatment area after the therapy. The client recuperates a lot faster than other skin-beautification treatment, such as laser resurfacing, which may take week or more.

Preventative measures to be followed if done in your home

Rollers of various designs are readily available online, which cost from $20 to $125. It is suggested by skin specialists to speak with physicians before doing the treatment at home. Also, use needles shorter than a quarter-to-a-half millimetre, because longer needles increase the threat of infection or scarring.

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